Photo Journal Picture Ideas

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The Crucible
-blurry image with movement
-lights blur across picture
-cross processing


-finger pointing
-slight angle
-black and white/rusty


The Village
►Real World/False Reality
-brick wall divides picture
-represents division of real world and false reality
-light shining on one side


►Blind Trust/Hope
-falling game (someone stands on high ledge with people underneath to catch them)
-people who are catching looking up to falling person with reassurance of them catching her
-darkness under falling person
-light above
-black and white

In this photo: Jacqui Spaulding

►Fear -- connect to Anthem
-Person standing in front of wall, arms spread apart
-darkness around them
-black and white

In this photo: Niki Huck

-solitary objects are focus in picture
-represents Ivy alone in the woods

cutees_140.jpg cutees_135hj.jpg

Personal Philosophy
-person bent down, covering eyes
-sadness, covering 'windows to soul'
-subtle color

In this photo: Niki Huck

When I took this picture, it made me think of the scene in The Village where Noah, Ivy, and a few other people are in the cellar hiding from the monsters. This scene was taken from an aerial view, while this picture is from a person's point of view that is looking up from the ground. The light is focused in the center of the picture and it's darker around the edges.